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“Karl has taught my son and daughter for the last couple of years. He is very professional and prepares thoroughly for each lesson. Karl is very patient and has a great way with children and they respond to his instruction very well. They have both made terrific progress and have really enjoyed the lessons." 
Lisa Ainsworth  

“Making the decision to learn to swim was not an easy choice for me. However the level of care, attention and encouragement through the course of my sessions not only improved my confidence in the water but allowed me achieve a lifelong ambition which I thought was beyond me. Having someone focus sole attention on you allows you to perform within your own limits – you’re competing with yourself not fifteen other people.” 
Cliona McParland  

 “Karl was very courteous, professional and prompt for each lesson. He was very encouraging and as a result of my lessons, my technique, breathing and confidence have greatly improved.” 
Dr. Grainne Kelly
 “Karl is patient, informative and is an essential element to anyone wanting to improve their swimming technique.”
Michael Geaney 
“Beginning swimming lessons with SwimTutor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Karl’s method of teaching is very effective and efficient. He conducts himself very professionally. Each lesson is great value for money as you get Karl’s full interest and attention for the entire lesson unlike with group lessons. I progressed very quickly with Karl. I found that Karl can improve your swimming in all areas from technique to stamina and fitness. The lessons were focused on training me for a triathlon. His vast experienced background provides him with great knowledge that he can apply to each student no matter what their ability or age. Karl is a fantastic swimming instructor and I encourage and strongly recommend anyone who wants to improve performance, technique or learn to swim to contact SwimTutor.” 
Sean Curley
“I received a number of excellent swimming lessons from Karl. I struggled for years with front crawl and Karl set me straight. I would recommend him to anyone.” 
Conrad McGeough   

“I would like to say that taking up swimming lessons with Karl was one of the best decisions I've ever made. He has a very structured, organized and professional approach which helped me achieve fantastic results which I wouldn't have achieved otherwise. Thank you for your dedication, support and guidance that you offered all the way through. I would highly recommend Karl to anyone interested in learning how to swim or becoming a better swimmer.” 
Sorina Salveta 
“Karl is an excellent swimming coach for both adults and children.  He provided swimming lessons to both myself and my young children. He was very encouraging, supportive and patient. He was very diligent and generous with his time. We always found him courteous and pleasant and we all got on very well with him. Most importantly, both myself and my children rapidly developed our swimming skills under his guidance. I would have no hesitation in recommending his as a swimming coach for either adults or children.” 
Ciaran Rogers
“In training for my first triathlon I approached Karl for some swim coaching. In our one to one sessions he systematically broke down my stroke in to its various components in order that I could effectively use the time between lessons to improve my technique and efficiency in the water.”   “Swimming can be frustrating at times and his structured approach took some of the mystery out of the front crawl which I had always felt was an intimidating stroke. I would certainly recommend a course of lessons with Karl, a very easy going coach, who made great efforts to make himself available to work with my restricted schedule.” 
David Craig
“I have taken several lessons from Karl over the last few months and it has increased my confidence in the water and improved my technique a lot. I think I’m now close to achieving my goal of competing in a triathlon thanks to his instruction.” 
Paul Adams   

“Karl is technically sharp, patient to a fault, has a consistent approach and an easy attitude which bellies time spent in preparation.”
John Birthistle   

“I already had some swimming experience but I booked Karl for some lessons to improve my freestyle as it was at a very basic level. I found him a very friendly and more importantly, patient teacher. He explained each aspect of freestyle to me before we actually began any swimming. He then analysed each part as I tried it and focused in on any sections that needed improvement. Before we finished each lesson he also gave me individual exercises to strengthen the leg muscles, arm stroke and breathing. I found Karl an excellent teacher and would highly recommend him for beginners, improvers or experienced swimmers.” 
Derek Cremin   

“Karl has helped me to focus on changing bad habits and on learning new techniques. His pacing is just right..enough so that I am challanged but not overwhelmed. His instruction is clear, logical and encouraging. Overall, it's been a very positive experience proving that it's never too late to learn something new!” 
Meg Fitzgerald  

“Karl is an excellent teacher – patient, clear and encouraging. He works ‘with you’ as opposed to telling you what to do and through his explanations., I understood why I needed to do certain things. This made it easier to learn – or in my case – re-learn techniques.  During lessons, it didn’t matter what else was on in the pool, he focused on my lesson and the time was well spent.” 

“After an initial consultation, my lessons with SwimTutor were tailored specifically to my goals and needs. SwimTutor was very patient and gave clear advice on improving my stroke and technique.” 
Peter Flanagan   

“I got lessons from Karl hoping that I would improve my swimming technique. Karl was able to break down the swimming technique for me in a very simple way and I feel a lot more confident now that I am on the right track to becoming a good simmer. I now look forward to going for a swim.” 
Alan O’Donovan
“Karl is a very good swimming tutor who identifies and explains clearly what you are doing right and wrong and how to correct the wrongs so that progress can be made. Each lesson I did led to an improvement in my performance. I found Karl to be very focused on developing technique and confident at each lesson. His instructions were easy to understand. If you are going into a pool for the first time, or as an improver, Karl will be able to give you the belief that you will attain your goals.” 
John Clarke   

“Karl is a super teacher, clear, patient and motivational. I learned a huge amount and felt I progressed greatly in a short space of time, especially with the front crawl and breast stroke, and breathing techniques. I would definitely recommend Karl.” 
Noeleen Hayes 

“Karl was highly recommended by a friend and I now understand why. My son was not confident in the water and had gone to another instructor with no success. From the outset Karl put my son at his ease and his progress has been excellent in a short space of time due to Karl’s manner and coaching techniques. My son is much more confident in the water now and the improvement in his swimming and general confidence continues to improve week by week. We opted for a one-on-one session of lessons and found this to be best suited for what we wanted to get out of the coaching. I have no hesitation in recommending Karl to anyone looking to improve their swimming technique and confidence in the pool.”
Gerry Watson 

“My son Andrew has been taking swimming lessons with Karl for the past two months and the progress he has made in the period has been remarkable. Andrew is 32, has Down Syndrome, a hearing loss and is a chronic asthmatic and while he wanted to learn to swim, he was anxious too. However, we needn’t have worried as Karl has been brilliant with him. Andrew has responded to Karl’s patience and encouragement and has made great progress. Andrew loves his classes with Karl and has gained great confidence from the experience.”
Marie Flood 

“I have never liked swimming very much, but only because I wasn’t very good at it. Karl has given me the confidence to love swimming and the opportunity to learn how to really swim. I know I would have given up after two sessions if I had gone to a group class – going with one to one lessons means you have to show up so there is no room for quitting – and how glad I am I didn’t quit. I never thought I would even think I could love swimming never mind recommend everyone I know to get into it. Thank you Karl.” 
Helen Corcoran 

“Despite the fact that I grew up in a family of swimmers, I spent my youth avoiding swimming lessons. As a result I ended up unable to swim and with an irrational fear about water in general, and swimming in particular. Last September I started taking one-to-one lessons with Karl and I haven’t looked back. Karl was excellent at easing my fears, and his patience and encouragement have been a great help to me throughout the course of lessons. Karl has been a fantastic coach and I genuinely don’t think I could have done it without him. Four months later, I’m swimming several times a week and loving it more and more. I really can’t recommend him highly enough.” 
John Connolly 

“I’ve progressed very quickly since I started lessons with Karl; he provides clear and logical instruction that is easy to follow. Most importantly though, Karl is very friendly and happy, making lessons a pleasure rather than something to dread. Karl is a great tutor!” 
Jonathan Hogan
“I began swimming lessons with Karl as a very poor swimmer going nowhere! After my first few lessons I am beginning to see the merits and fruits of Karl’s attention to detail and insistence on getting the basics right. I am now well on my way to making swimming my number one exercise and all the benefits that ensue. Karl is very easy to work with, is very knowledgeable and is a perfect gentleman.” 
Dr. Brian Kelleher 

“I have been working with Karl for the past number of months with a view to competing in a triathlon in June 2011. I have found Karl to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable with regard to his preparation techniques and guidance. His advice in terms of how to approach the swim part of the triathlon will be extremely beneficial and I believe I will be aware of the potential pitfalls that may lie in wait. Karl speaks from experience and is able to pass on this wisdom in a clear manner.”   
David Monks 
“It is definitely a credit to Karl that he can deal equally well with people
of all ages. I decided to learn the front crawl quite late in life and, naturally, did not feel 100% confident that I would succeed, but Karl put me straight at ease and I did progress quickly, with every lesson. After only 5 of them, I am now able to swim the front crawl. Although I am still a little hesitant on some points, I am confident that I will master them with regular practice - before going back for more lessons to fine-tune my swimming style. Karl's unfailing encouragement and patience have allowed me to enjoy something I always wanted to do, and it is a great feeling, for which I am grateful to him.”
Brigitte LeJuez

“Taking one-to-one swimming lessons with SwimTutor is one of the best things I’ve done in the past year and money well spent. Karl is very calm in his tutoring and nothing is rushed. He is very reassuring and encouraging. At 32 I thought it was too late for me to learn how to swim but swim but now I know that is not the case thanks to SwimTutor.” 
Anne Holland 

“I commenced my lessons with Karl back in late October 2010. I started as a total beginner (a late starter...I’m 36), and feel I have come a long way in a short space of time. Karl is a great teacher. Very observant and quick to point out where you are going wrong, helping you to correct mistakes before they become a bad habit. He also gives you encouragement which helps you gain confidence in the water, especially if you are new to swimming, as I am. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him as a teacher.” 
David Shiel  

“I have really enjoyed my lessons so far, I feel I have greatly improved and the way things are explained in such a clear manner makes a huge difference. Will definitely be keeping the lessons up so I can see even bigger improvements.” 
Nicola McGillicuddy 

“I have taken 10 swimming lessons with Karl in DCU. I am very nervous of water and Karl has been very encouraging and supportive during the lessons. My progress has been steady and I am confident that with a few more courses of lessons I will be able to swim. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karl to others.” 
Suzanne Murray 

“After 5 lessons, I believe that I have made much progress in technique and, importantly, in reducing my fear and building my confidence in water.   Karl’s instruction style is a combination of close observation of progress and carefully encouraging the next step. He identifies both weaknesses and strengths, seeking to eliminate the former and build on the latter. Importantly, Karl also articulates very clearly the theory and communicates the translation of theory into practical technique.   In summary, now half way through the lesson course, I am looking forward with optimism to the second half and to being able to swim with confidence thereafter.” 
Ivan Coulter  

“Karl is a very patient, encouraging, dedicated instructor who enjoys what he does and it shows, he makes the lessons interesting and has a genuine interest in his student’s progress.”
Ann Marie Sweeney   
“The lessons were excellent. I learnt a lot in a short space of time. I thought the lessons were good value and Karl’s teaching technique is great.” 
Caitriona O’Dwyer   

“I got lessons off Karl in November 2010. I already knew how to swim, but really wanted to develop my technique so as I could do more training off the pitch. I found him to be very professional and from using his advice I got great results. Karl is a very dedicated individual and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anybody.” 
Brian Hemeryck   

“I enjoy swimming lessons on a one-to-one basis, it is a lot better. I had great fear of the water but I am overcoming this fear thanks to Karl, SwimTutor is helping me a lot.” 
Danielle Macari   

“Having watched my two boys learn to swim in DCU it was time for me to take the plunge. I approached Karl and outlined my desire to learn to swim. Karl adopts a practical and professional approach having due regard for your ability and comfort zone in the water. Karl is fair and will encourage you in a professional manner to assist in maximizing your potential.” 
Ken Donoghue  

“The swimming lessons are very enjoyable and professional. I am very happy with my progress. I’m learning faster than expected. I’m given feedback, which I think is important. I gain more confidence with each swimming lesson and I look forward to the day when I can swim independently.” 
Gillian Smith 

“Karl is a fantastic teacher and connects immediately with your individual needs and ability. He has helped to build my confidence and I feel I have improved a lot even after quite a short time with him. He also has a lovely friendly personality which makes the classes very enjoyable! I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.” 
Mary Fullam 

“For many years I had wished to learn to swim but I put it off because of my lack of experience in the water. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and take lessons with SwimTutor. I am very happy that I did. Karl taught me how to swim step-by-step. He explained specifically the action to be undertaken and the reason for doing it, then he demonstrated the action so that I could see what I was supposed to do in the water. Finally after giving me a chance to do the action, he talked me through its execution. He is very diligent in his approach to teaching and gets a lot accomplished in the lesson. So far I have taken 5 lessons and I am very pleased with my progression. I am looking forward to my next set of lessons with Karl. I would recommend Karl without reservation. If you are for any reason nervous I’d recommend motivating yourself to get to the first lesson and Karl will take care of everything else!”
Haydn Gurmin 

“Being 22 years of age and not knowing how to swim is a shame. I saw the ad about swimming lessons and I didn’t hesitate a minute to contact Karl for help. I didn’t expect that my learning would be as quick and efficient as it was. Karl is really patient and understands your needs. If I have any advice to give to beginners, it is to take your phone and call Karl immediately.” 
Sofia Chtaibi  

“I am a first time triathlete and the area which I was worried about most was the swimming component of the event. Having spent some time researching various companies and coaches on the internet I decided SwimTutor was the place to go to improve my technique...It has proved to be a great choice as Karl, in his easygoing, friendly yet very professional manner, has helped me improve my swimming technique as well as my confidence. Under his continued guidance I am confident I’ll be ready to conquer the swim come September!”
Martin Kennedy 

“I have been swimming badly for several years now without any real improvement, after 3 lessons with Karl I have improved greatly, taking 25% off my lap times immediately. My only regret is that I didn’t get lessons with Karl before now.”
Michael Carr 
Karl had a quick glance of a swimming style that I had so laboriously developed and in a quiet determined fashion...changed everything for the better. I can now go further and faster and it is thanks to my swimming lessons with this instructor.”
Bernard Markey

“I have been swimming for many years, but I wanted to improve my swimming technique and my speed. I found Karl to be an excellent swimming teacher – he is very encouraging and patient and he explains everything very well. The swimming tips he gave me were very helpful, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my performance. I would recommend Karl to anyone who is learning to swim, and to anyone who knows how to swim but would like to improve their performance.” 
Marian Flanagan 

“I have taken a number of lessons with Karl over the past two months and am very pleased with the results. My confidence in the water has greatly improved and I look forward to going for a swim now. The biggest obstacle for me was actually turning up for the first lesson and since then I have not looked back. I have learned so much in such a short space of time and week on week am continuing to improve. The difference in taking one to one lessons is amazing, you gain an understanding of the reasons behind every single small movement and the impact it has on your stroke. Karl explains everything step by step and in great detail. I would highly recommend Karl as a swimming instructor, he is professional, friendly and focused.” 
Claire O’Neill 
Our five-year old was very nervous in the pool but after the first
lesson with Karl he couldn't wait for the next one. He's still learning
to swim but his confidence has grown to the point where he will swim the
length of the pool with just a board and he doesn't panic when someone
splashes him. We can even get him to put his head under the shower now! We would highly recommend Karl for his patience, knowledge, humour and, especially, his ability to instill confidence.”
Niamh O’Dowd

“My eight year old daughter had 3 individual swimming lessons in DCU with Karl in March 2011. She was finding it difficult to give up using her armbands but by the third lesson she was swimming without them. Karl was extremely patient and encouraged her to push herself a bit more without overwhelming her. My daughter really benefited from the individual attention and she now has the confidence to join a regular swim lesson to improve her swimming. I found Karl to be very professional and pleasant to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending individual lessons with Karl to anyone who wants to learn to swim.” 
Elaine Burns 

“Karl’s lessons are the best investment of time and money I’ve ever made in my swimming. Despite being a keen swimmer for many years – often entering 2-3km open water events – poor technique was contributing to early fatigue and recurring injury. Karl has expertly identified many areas where I am making improvements, and these are making a big difference, I only wish I’d taken expert tuition like this many years ago.” 
Martin Flood
“Having never learned to swim as a child, returning to swim lessons as an adult was a daunting task. SwimTutor has made this a very enjoyable experience. With each lesson new points are learned, progression is noticeable and confidence is instilled. Excellent tutor, I highly recommend.”
David O’Connor
"I have been swimming for years, but I  developed bad habits.  I had just two lessons with Karl and I have completely changed my stroke.  I would really recommend anyone who wishes to improve their technique to take a couple of lessons. It is not always about learning how to swim but rather learning how to swim smarter."
Siobhan Murphy
"Swimming lessons with Karl just make me regret not doing them sooner. The progress I have made from the beginning of each session to the end is very encouraging and motivating. I have been wanting to do a triathlon for many years and have been using my fear of water as a great excuse not to and now with every lesson I feel confident that I will do one very soon. Karl is very encouraging and explains things in a very logical way so that the points he makes seem natural and simple to do. He has a great eye for spotting small improvements that can be made which have a significant impact on your swimming technique. I find it hard to believe that only a short while ago I did not feel comfortable putting my head under water, whereas now I don't feel comfortable unless I swim every day."
Leisha McPartland
“I thought the lessons were excellent I learned a lot more than I thought was possible for me. You worked well with really raw material, the pep talks did wonders I felt, thanks for everything.”
Tommy Cummins
“Karl is a naturally gifted swimming instructor and I would urge anyone considering swimming lessons to contact him.  He is patient, encouraging, extremely supportive and very knowledgeable about correct techniques.  I am progressing at a faster pace than I thought I would and I put that all down to Karl's expertise and easy going nature.  Karl has an innate ability at understanding what aspects of swimming are causing concern, and more importantly knows what to focus on to help a person progress without them becoming frustrated.”
Karen O’Shea
“Being in my late thirties the decision to take swim lessons for the first time was a daunting one. Luckily I came across Karl’s website and committed to ‘take the plunge’. I was immediately put at ease by Karl’s presence at the poolside. Karl has a very intuitive way of swim tutoring; he articulates very clearly not just what to do but why you’re doing it, making the process a more natural one.   
To date, I have completed 5 hours of swim tutoring within a two week period and am delighted with how much I have achieved under Karl’s guidance. I can trust totally in Karl’s plan for advancing my ability in the water, he has positively encouraged good technique from the start rather than allowing me develop bad habits (it’s all about the legs!).   
While I plan to continue with more lessons under Karl’s tutorage, I now have the confidence to join my local pool where I can add some practice time.   
If like me, you have the desire to learn to swim then I really can’t recommend Karl enough, swallow the butterflies, get yourself to the pool and Karl will take care of the rest. I just wish I came across his website sooner!” 
Erin Leavy
“I am really pleased with my progress and cannot believe that I have achieved so much in a short space of time. I have tried lessons on many occasions with no success as I never understood what I was doing. Whilst I still have some way to go, I feel confident that I will achieve my goal this time. I am already starting to enjoy being in the water and for the first time in years no dreading the water activities for my summer holidays.”
Anne Kelly
"At the end of April 2011 I had two six year olds who, despite several terms of conventional swimming lessons, were very nervous around water and nowhere near swimming. Karl performed a minor miracle as a mere two months later I had two fish! Although not quite perfect swimmers, they were swimming and utterly confident and competent in the water. But Karl hasn’t just taught them to swim - he has helped them to develop a real passion for the water. As a result of this they’ve spent the summer sailing, diving, jumping into lakes and swimming – I can’t keep them out of it! They are mad about Karl and their swimming lesson with him remains a highlight of their week.
From a Mother’s perspective it has been hugely rewarding to see such rapid progress. Not having to endure the hell that is the crowded changing rooms, confusion and noise of conventional group lessons with small children is a real joy too!
I couldn’t recommend Karl and SwimTutor more highly."
Suzanne Gogarty
“I have tried many swimming lessons before but none have taken me as far, as fast. Karl's methodical and systematic approach to teaching swimming ensured that I never felt out of my comfort zone while progressing in steps towards the end goal. It has changed my relationship with the water completely.”
Vivienne Maguire
“I was very pleased with the lessons you did with Stephen. You seem to have a way with kids and you come down to his level. You show him what to do and he listens. You have great patience and you never raise your voice, this is why Stephen loves coming to you. Stephen has learned more in these few lessons with you than he has all year. He looks forward to seeing you again in September. Thanks a million.”
Caroline Cushen
“I am very pleased with the level of swimming instruction Karl has given me. At this stage I have had about 5 lessons with Karl and I definitely feel my technique has improved a lot. Before I started taking these lessons I thought the faster you move your arms and legs, the faster you will go. Karl broke down exactly what I needed to do with my arms, legs and breathing. I now have the knowledge & technique to swim much more efficiently.”
Liam Domican
“Our 6 year old and 3 year old both had swimming lessons with Karl. We were impressed with Karl's ability to engage them so well for each lesson considering their age. He was always extremely patient and they loved their lessons with him. Our 3 year old no longer requires arm bands and grew much more confident in the water. Our 6 year olds skills have been greatly extended and she is now swimming very well. Both progressed under Karl's tuition to a point well beyond our expectations in a relatively short period of time. We would be very happy to recommend him as a swim tutor to anyone.”
Bernie McCabe
“Lessons were great.”
Patrick Murphy
"I have been swimming all my life but never felt I had a great swim stroke. Karl very simply broke the swim stroke into its constituent parts and explained how I could make them more efficient. After 2 lessons I have already seen the benefits. I am swimming quicker times using less energy. I would definitely recommend Karl to new and experienced swimmers."
Fearghal Scanlon
"Karl is not just a swim tutor, he combines tuition with the psychology of fear and overcoming it in a very subtle, swift and alarmingly effective manner. He adapts strokes to build up any injured limbs. I have achieved more than I ever thought possible in my swimming abilities in a very short time with Karl."
Maeve O'Connell
“As a grandmother I started swimming lessons some time ago under the tuition of Karl. It was something I’d always wanted to do – be able to swim – but a fear of the water prevented me.
Now after what I think is a relatively short time I am conquering my fear and have more confidence in the water and hope in the not too distant future I can swim with no aids.
All of this progress is due solely to the patience and encouragement that Karl has continuously given me, were it not for him I would not have continued the lessons, so it is ‘Thank You’ to Karl.”
"Karl is an excellent swimming coach. He took me from zero swimming ability to do lengths of the pool in a few short weeks. I would happily recommend him to anyone." 
Andy Mullen
"Having recently learned to swim I took some lessons with Karl to help improve my technique. Karl’s professional approach combined with his gentle easy manner helped simplify what for me had always been something of a mystery - how people manage to stay afloat, move and breathe all at once! His basic instructional technique is good and this fact, coupled with his individual attention and the logic Karl uses as the basis for his explanation really helped me to overcome my fear and improve my swimming. As a result of this after taking only two lessons I was able to go swimming in the open water for the first time in my life, a huge achievement for Karl and for myself. Thank You Karl."
Susan Gray 
“The difference with Karl/SwimTutor is the effect on the children’s confidence and motivation. They look forward to swimming lessons and want to practice what they learn. Our children are 7 and 5 and have made unbelievable progress in just a few months. They are developing really great technique in a number of different stokes. The instruction is delivered in a really positive and constructive manner.  Karl always acknowledges and praises their progress but continues to set challenges and design games which the kids really love.” 
Larry O’Connell
“I've been attending swimming classes with Karl for the past months and have steadily progressed and gained in confidence under his instruction. As well as being reliable, he is a good motivator and his patience has been invaluable. I warmly recommend him to anyone, whatever their level of swimming ability.” 
Patricia Williamson
“I have really enjoyed the lessons, the important point is that Karl has broken the stroke down into the component parts, and I have been able to work on each of the parts separately and together with a view to developing a proper swimming stroke. I know that after I spend sufficient time on this, that I will be able to swim.”
John Markham
“Karl is a patient and understanding swimming instructor. His instructions are simple and easy to follow. I would recommend him if you wish to improve your swimming techniques.”
Hooi-Ling Lee
"It was great to have someone with Karl's expertise analysing my stroke and helping to improve. He spotted issues I was unaware off and gave tips on how to overcome the problems. I found it a very helpful and positive exercise and would recommend a lesson for those who want to improve their stroke and efficiency."
John Stephens
“I purchased a CityDeal voucher for a €30 minute swimming course with Karl. I felt I must write a note of commendation so you are aware of the high level of service and instruction I received. I would strongly recommend Karl as an instructor to all my associates. Karl was very prompt, efficient throughout in instruction, professional to a fault and pleasant to work with. I trust you recognize just how valuable an asset Karl is to your organization. I’m hoping to resume further training with Karl in the New Year. Thank you Karl for helping.” 
Binni Dadra
For a while I'd been looking for a good way to go back to basics and actually learn to swim properly (although I ‘could float and move in the water’ since childhood, I wouldn't have called it swimming!) After 4 lessons with Karl I'm already much more confident in the water and am putting together the basic building blocks of swimming technique that Karl has patiently and effectively passed on - exactly what I needed. I'm very happy with my progress so far and looking forward to further lessons. Karl is a great instructor. I'd highly recommend Karl's lessons to anyone looking to learn to swim, or improve their swimming.”
Tony Murray
“I had been very nervous about my swimming lesson, due to a bad pool
experience when I was a child.  However Karl at SwimTutor soon put me
at my ease. I found the instructions very clear and helpful, I also
felt that one to one lessons are very beneficial for someone who is a
little nervous in the water.  I think after a few lessons I will have
gained a lot of confidence and hope to join a local pool and continue
Teresa Conlon

“I found the lesson with Karl to be extremely beneficial and saw a huge improvement in just a very short space of time. He was able to quickly highlight my strengths and my problems and was able to give me very practical guidance to correct the bad habits I had picked up. I left the lesson with a lot more confidence, which was exactly what I was hoping for.”
Aoife Lyons
“Definitely far better than group classes. I found the feedback and instructions I got were excellent. In particular, the exercises you outlined that I can use to assess if my technique is improving. It’s key to have a way of measuring ones progress especially when trying to improve and fine tune an existing stroke.”
Gerard Cahill
“I found the swimming lessons very beneficial, I thought the one-on-one lesson was a great help as I was able to ask any questions which I feel is sometimes hard when you are in group.”
Enda Dooley
“A month ago I was afraid of water. Today, after 10 swimming lessons with Karl I can cross the English Channel. Just a dream, of course, but Karl gave me confidence, Karl gave me wings or should I say fins around the swimming pool. Thank you very much, I will come back for more.” Tudor Grumazescu
“After a few one-to-one lessons with Karl, I progressed way farther than I had over many attempts at group classes. He has a very easy to follow systematic method of teaching and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to swim or to improve their technique. In fact, I have!”
Maria Behan
“Having decided to learn to swim after more than 50 years of being terrified of the thought, I have just been so delighted with the progress I have made with Karl. Step by step with no surprises or mysteries, Karl explains every phase of the learning process and has given me the confidence to continue my swimming journey. I now know I will swim.” Grainne Healy  
“I have really enjoyed attending Karl’s lessons because they are very systematic and structured. For a beginner like me, he taught the movements of the stroke step by step, very logically, so that I could learn them gradually and progress in each class. Karl is very encouraging, friendly. He gives attention to every small detail and answers all the queries very patiently. I enjoyed my progress after each lesson and I feel really great that swimming has become now my favourite exercise. I highly recommend Karl to all new students.” 
Deepa Chari

“Karl was very approachable - he explained how the lesson would work, gave me tips to improve my technique and relax more in the water and answered any questions I had too. Really good experience and I'm looking forward to my next swim which I hope will be more enjoyable because of what I learnt during my lesson.” 
Ger McHugh  
“Through Karl's lesson I took over a minute off my 750mtr swim time. With further practice of the pointers he gave me I am confident of bringing my time down further.” 
Barry Loftus
“Karl was a very good instructor for my individual swimming lesson.  He listened to what I wanted to get from the session, observed my swimming and then constructed the teaching around both elements - what I wanted as well as what he observed.  He took just two particular learning needs and focused on each of them in turn for the 30 minutes.  This approach by him meant I wasn't bombarded with instructions or a long list of things to remember.  I left the lesson feeling I had improved measurably and I also have something concrete which I can now focus on in my own time.” 
Nuala O’Connor  
"I enjoyed my lesson with Karl and definitely felt it was worthwhile. I detailed the area I wanted to improve upon at the outset (breathing) and after reviewing my technique, Karl then brought me through a simple step by step process to make progress." 
Fergal O’Leary